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I grew up at a time in the 1960’s and 70’s of ‘revolution’. At least that’s what we thought we were fomenting at countless demos and campaign rallies and in our personal relationships. We under-estimated the resilience of capitalism and our own propensity to aspire to material gain. Like many would-be ‘revolutionaries’, I ended up a social worker.

I still believe (naivete never dies) that Australians at heart do give a damn about their fellow citizens and are mature enough to have a debate about the inequities in our current system, starting with income support. It is time Governments engaged meaningfully with this issue and stopped demonising those who would have a go if they could get a go.

In my later working life, I led a small national not-for-profit in the technology space. I then joined a US charity that took me to many places in Asia that were central to my further education about the privileged drop in the ocean that we are and that we take for granted.

I have lived in over 30 houses in dozens of locations in Australia and had over 30 jobs. Both my memories of people, places and environments and my writing, at those times and now, are constructs at best but they represent part of me.

I am now on my third attempt to retire gracefully, cheered on by my wonderful wife, children and grandchildren, friends and my own birth family. I write stories and poems and hope to put a novel in my top drawer one day. I’m an avid cook and vegetable gardener and occasional stand-up comedian.

One thought on “Doug Jacquier’s Blog

  1. A man after my own heart. We were so naive in the 60s and 70s, assuming the change we embraced and adopted were so self evident that broader society would embrace these and love, peace, and true socialism would flow forth


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